Saturday, 8 September 2012

I ❤ My Laundry: Laundry | Restaurant | Gallery (you choose)

It's been ayyyygggges! Lateral Paul took Luke for a driving lesson & while they were at it, I got to indulge in some divine Dimsum. Let me explain...owned by Clayton Howard & Mico Botha I ❤ My Laundry is an unusual venue..rather unique. They run a laundromat that does not look like one. No not at all. Not even a little bit I tell you. Enter & you will see a long table with tasty sweet treats, Asia Plum bottled tea & an array of delicious Dee Thai sauces in which you can smother the Korean style dimsum, available in dozens of flavours. Today I had the pork fillet & fresh chives one ~ a keeper! And here's the thing, the prices are superb. Dimsum & a glass of 2006 merlot cost me R40, I kid you not. And to sweeten it off, add a block of pistachio or marzipan fudge for R5...happy days are here again! Click on their splash page & from there connect to the social media

Oh, about the laundry, they've gone the organic route, using chlorine & ammonia free products, cold water not hot & even organic eucalyptus based bleach... an impressive carbon footprint. Any Green Team would be proud! @Ilovemylaundry


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At 10 September 2012 at 22:16 , Blogger paul said...

great for dimsum


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