Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Tiny tiny kitten

This beautiful baby is only 2 weeks old...I saw him sucking desperately on a blanket in a cage at my vet...no-one there was prepared to bottle feed him. I'm still not quite sure what to do about that...just unbelievably uncaring. I took him home immediately & made the 2 apathetic vet assistants give me kitten formula & a feeding bottle. My amazing sons & I got to work, nursing him, massaging his tummy (ok that bit was gross as the massaging makes him poop etc as he can't do it alone) & we showered him with tons of loves & squeezes....what an outstanding little kitkat. Abandoned but a fighter. Today, 24 hours later, after I put out a Tweet about him, he went home with a new family who have promised to carry on where we left off. I miss him already...that face, it kills me :) *Honour The Small Creatures*


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