Friday, 17 May 2013

Sip & scribble....& a random Friday morning blogpost...

Doodle over a cuppa of the many things I like about P&G, or The Power & the Glory as its properly named, is that I can scribble on the paper table cloth, like I used to do when I was a kid at Spur or one of those restaurants where we got given those thick crayons in tin cups to mess around with... Now we have P&G, making it fun for over 40's...& hipsters in high waisted jeans... & that cool arty set. & us. Go on a Thursday night & write down your #FF's in advance, & Instagram it...I know, I know, I'm being ridic. But then this IS Friday morning in BEAUTIFUL Cape Town - this Autumn day looks magnificent - & I'm feeling good. Like the song. Have a fabulous weekend All!

Have a fat slice of carrot cake or a marshmallow brownie with your tea or Deluxe coffee, or try something savoury with a glass of Waverley Hills organic or a bottle of one of the many well-brewed-in-Cape Town artisan beers....



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