Friday, 3 May 2013

Coffee & motorbikes...

What a fabulous combination: bikes & beans. Lateral Paul told me about Los Muertos forever ago & I finally got there last week. I'm writing this as a girl-no real bike experience to speak of , although my other half is one of the most rated motorbikers in this city. You know him, Paul van der Spuy. Los Muertos is in Bokaap, one of the oldest parts of Cape Town. It's a cool spot to be sure. Sit inside or out, have a flat white & a pastry if you so desire. I was tempted by their promise of 'super' cakes which sadly didn't materialise. They had tasty delights from Jason Bakery but no koek. Meh. I'm a cake addict. The coffee was good, not the best I've had, but I loved the whole concept of the place... a well styled coffee shop (see my pics below) on the one side & a mini showroom with a few bikes on the other. Go visit. 42 Dorp Street, Bokaap. They're on Facebook.

Sit outside...

See...advertising 'super cakes'.... Where, oh where...?

Well styled interior.I like....


Across the street, a mosque...




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