Sunday, 8 September 2013

Organic in Oranjezicht ~ a fabulous city farm & market...

I've discovered another gem in the Mother City, the Oranjezicht City (OZF) Farm Organic Market, on upper Orange Street (opposite Carluccis). In a beautiful setting under ancient oak trees, it's a small market, for now, selling the most amazing fresh produce in a cool atmosphere of authentic community. There's great coffee made by Theo from Tamboerswinkel (beans by Deluxe); Fritz brings his cardoons & swiss chard in from the Karoo; Loubie Rusch is there, Making Kos; that gent who lived in San Diego has brought his more'ish Mexican churros to a table (I had 4, in a row); DJ Caz gives us the best background grooves, & so the list goes on & on. The market is right next to the fairly recently established OZF, created on a plot of land that back in the days of 1709 & onwards, was itself part of a farm - Oranje Zigt - that ultimately supplied produce to sailors making a turn around the Cape of Good Hope & to the locals of the rapidly expanding Colony. I've always believed that in time we'll need to be growing something we can harvest it wheat grass on a window sill, basil in a pot, or a bed of lettuce & carrots...all depending on our available space obvs. For me, urban farming on a small & large scale is going to become essential in years to come, so let's get to it.

Organic Swiss chard from the Karoo ...

One of my best fleurs ever, the Protea...a national treasure ..

The strawberries are big, fat & juicy...

This fabulous blanket was on raffle my dreams I can crochet comme ca...


Even the Little People have their eco-friendly bags (which reminds me, NB to take a bag along for all those delish things you'll be a-purchasing..)

Tamboers Winkel delights...

Have your (carrot) cake & eat's good for you (wink)..

He's as happy as I am about the free WiFi... my life is complete (another wink)

And voila, there's part of the OZF alongside the market. As the website says: OZCF seeks to re-connect the Oranjezicht neighbourhood and the rest of Cape Town to this neglected piece of heritage through design, gardening activity and outreach, and to use it as a catalyst to build social cohesion across communities, to develop skills among the unemployed, to educate residents and their children and others about food, environmental and related issues, to beautify public space and to champion unused or under-utilised green spaces in the City Bowl. See more at:

The market is every Saturday from 09:00 till after lunch; to see how you can be involved (I'm volunteering) visit the site & Facebook page, it's all there* @ozcf / tel:0836283426 /                Kudos to Sheryl Ozinsky & her Team*

Let's go farming people*

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