Saturday, 13 April 2013

A oasis in the middle of Bangkok...Lumphini Park

Lumphini Park is a tranquil space in Bangkok...a huge, beautiful park spanning about 142 acres. It's Bangkok's version of Central Park & offers locals & tourists the same: the perfect place to go to get away from the organised chaos of the city. The park dates back to the 1920's & has become the place for locals to go before & after work to exercise, walk or just to connect with nature. We went for a ride on the lake in one of those fabulously kitsch pedal swan boats - such fun! There is interesting wildlife as well...monitor lizards roam the grounds, as well as stray cats and lots of birds - too many crows for my liking though- I hate that squawking noise they make all the time...disturbs the peace. Don't forget to spend some down time in this stunning park....

Take a ride in a swan boat on the lake...


Part of the Bangkok skyline, seen from the lake ..

Me doing a Swan Lake pose, for obvious reasons... :)


A monitor lizard in Lumphini Park...there are many walking around...don't try feed them!

The park is open from 04:30 until 21:00 daily, no charge to go in. Take the BTS to SalaDaeng and cross to the other side of the road using the overhead walkway as the street intersection is crazy & quite dangerous.

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