Thursday, 30 May 2013

Face the rain, find the wine...& artisan beer...

So the show I was meant to see last night, 'Panic', starring Siv Ngesi, was cancelled (due to technical issues). At first it looked like a good excuse to stay home - I mean the weather was shite, being 15 degrees, with wind & rain & all. I know, I know, we Capetonians are ridic when it comes to the cold. We think we know it & we want to haul out the thermal underwear when the barometer slides a stripe below 17 degrees. I was looking to settle down in my fluffy slippers after dinner & then decided I needed wine, out, at The Power & the Glory. I don't know about you, but wine always tastes better somewhere other than at home. So to P&G we, Lateral Paul & Son No. 1. The images refer....

The Power & the Glory, downstairs, is a stylish place to seat yourself down (on banquettes covered in sheepskin fur), have a glass of vino & scribble all over the paper tablecloth, when you're not Instagramming Le's a lot less raucous than the Black Ram upstairs...


Lateral Paul had one of his fave beers, Silver Back, brewed in Darling just outside Cape Town.. hashtag proud of that...


Lateral Paul, IG addict

Son No. 1, Luke van der Spuy

Winter hath landed...


Me & Son

The Power & the Glory is on the corner of Lower Kloof & Kloofnek Road. Open daily from 08:00 until late. Great hotdogs served at all hours; they use Deluxe coffee & Dilmah teas. Closed Sundays.

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