Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Beach break at one of Cape Town's finest...

I don't do it often enough, this escaping from the office in the middle of a mad day stuff. Today was impossibly beautiful in Cape Town...31 degrees, windless, cloudless, that balmy air on the skin. I had to get out and for some reason Bakoven beach was on my mind. It's long been one of my faves, mostly because it's quiet, you can get in a good swim (in freezing water FYI), snatch a power nap and be back at your desk revitalized and able to cope with the latter part of the day until that Chardonnay comes your way.

The mode of transport today...headed along Camps Bay main road ...

That's Bakoven way over there, to the left of the flat beige rock...

And this is it, the cove that is Bakoven - in the distance, Lion's Head, to the right,  Table mountain jutting out and under that, Camps Bay...

A bit closer up...clear, chilly water..

Even the dogs were loving their day... (NB dogs need to be on a leash- it's ideal to take them down early or late in the day and NB to scoop the poop!)

To get there, go through Camps Bay (away from the City) and Bakoven is the first beach after that, then take a right into Beta Rd and then right again. There are actually 2 beaches at Bakoven, the other being where the NSRI boat docks- my fave is this one though. Check on Cape Town Tourism's website for more accurate directions if you're unsure.

Things to note- there is no shower or loo on the beach and nowhere to get refreshments so take your own. Also NB to check the tides as when the water comes up, you'll have to set your derrière down on a scratchy rock...not going to work. And do watch your little ones when the water gets rough- there's quite a strong undercurrent. 

Enjoy! If you're Instgramming or Tweeting, @lovecapetown @capetowntourism #lovecapetown

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