Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Oscar Pistorius, our blade trouble..

None of us here in South Africa can stop thinking about athlete Oscar Pistorius, the amazing track runner famous for his tremendous feats with those futuristic prosthetic limbs that have taken him to great heights (& lengths). . This is a guy with determination- an ability to push beyond his limitations, demand a place on the Olympic stage, & claim his status as a World Champion. Known as the Blade Runner,  he has endeared himself to many the world over & inspired thousands. And now fame turns to infamy & we watch as he stands in court to defend himself against the charge of killing his girlfriend. I hope the truth prevails. It's incredible how a life can change in minutes- hearts throughout our nation are heavy for him & his family- & for Reeva Steenkamp's loved ones, mourning her untimely passing.

In the pic below, my younger son, also called Oscar, reads about the trial in today's paper...



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My thoughts about Oscar Pistorius...


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