Sunday, 24 March 2013

Hong Island, Krabi Province, Thailand

Another breathtakingly beautiful discovery on our Thai adventure...Hong Island, about 20 minutes from Aonang Beach via speedboat (an hour by long tail). The island has one beach, Pelay, with pristine white sand that shows off the emerald green of the water of the bay that is enclosed by tall limestone formations protruding out of the sea. Just exquisite & relatively quiet compared to the madness of Koh Phi Phi as hundreds of tourists head there every day. The Hong Island tour also takes in a few other gorgeous islands like Daeng Island, Lading & Pakbia, each as stunning as the one before. Snorkeling was amazing on Daeng and Pelay...the brightly coloured fish come close - they brushed past my goggles & took bread from my's an incredible experience, especially for a first timer. Again, I recommend Barracuda Tours - all their info is online.

Daeng Island...

Pelay Beach, Hong Island ...

Snorkeling on Daeng Island...

Leaving the Hong Island lagoon...



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