Thursday, 27 March 2014

Tokyo ~ a walk through Iidebashi & Kagurazaka...

Not far from the Imperial Palace is an area called Iidebashi that's nicely off the beaten tourist track but very cool if you're up for wandering some of the older side streets and narrow cobbled lanes of Tokyo. It's an upmarket area with small, chic low rise apartment buildings neatly wedged in between shops and restaurants. It has some fab sights including museums, gardens, the Tokyo Dai-jingu Shinto shrine and the old geisha quarter, Kagurazaka. Geishs, accomplished artists (Gei=art and sha=person who does), skilled at traditional Japanese music, dance, and poetry, are rarely seen though I was fortunate to meet two young ladies in traditional dress who'd just come from a geisha ceremony & were happy to pose for me.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building...the entrance

Narrow streets and cobbled lanes...

No such thing as a private garden in Tokyo so pot plants make up for it...

Ask for the famous store that sells outsized dumplings...

Tint your pooch maybe?

Zenkokuji Buddhist Temple, 400 years old...

Have fun!


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