Friday, 4 July 2014

Cactus farm, a thing of beauty...

In the small town of Robertson, 170km outside Cape Town, there lies a cactus farm called the Sheilam Cactus and Succulent Nursery. For those who love thorny plants, plump leaves and cycads, this place is a little bit of paradise. Actually even if cacti do nada for you, you'll find yourselves being amazed at the vast collection of bizarre looking vegetation. Sheilam has been around for ages- since 1954 - and is owned and operated by the Schwegmann family. You can walk through the nursery rows where about 2000 species are neatly laid out - plants of all heights, widths, shapes and colours, creating a bizarre and beautiful landscape. And they have weird names like the The Old Man of Peru, Mother-in-Law's-Chair, Horses' Teeth, Elephant Feet, Klipplante (stone plants), Bushman's Grape... take a drive into a stunning part of the Cape and have a wander amongst the pricklies....just don't touch...

Ps, there are amazing wine farms in and around Robertson so make a day or weekend of it..


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