Saturday, 9 August 2014

A small market in Montagu in the Klein Karoo...

This is a small market that happens in Montagu on Saturdays...I've been a few times & there is always something divine I spy, usually to eat! Today it was these amazing delicate almond biscuits, made by a very nice Belgian gent with an accent. To be honest I've seen way more interesting markets & if I may say so, I think they could perhaps up their offering a tad. My eye did alight upon some of the fabulous items like mohair throws, divine olive oils, homemade breads, interesting craft items & wire works....
Take a turn but don't go thinking you're in for a mini Biscuit Mill. Take it for what it is and seek out the fabulous, as one does.  Montagu is one of my fave destinations...


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